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Size: 1035x987 | Tagged: artist:waxraven, bard, duck, dungeons and dragons, fantasy class, lute, oc, oc:dolan, oc:duk, pegasus, pen and paper rpg, ponyfinder, quack, quak, realistic, realistic anatomy, rpg, saddle bag, safe, simple background, solo, transparent background
Size: 1000x1000 | Tagged: 3d, artist:notgibus, blender, hair, realistic, safe, simple background, transparent background, trixie
Size: 3968x2976 | Tagged: artist:jerryenderby, artist:睿毛, irl, oc, oc only, pegasus, photo, pony, realistic, real world, safe, solo, sunrise, tree
Size: 768x768 | Tagged: 1000 hours in ms paint, alicorn, angry, artist needed, big crown thingy, edit, female, jewelry, lesbian, op is a duck, phone, pony, rainbow dash, real, realistic, realistic anatomy, regalia, safe, school of friendship, shipping, source needed, twidash, twilight's castle, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn)
Size: 1400x1800 | Tagged: armor, artist:bra1neater, cape, clothes, glowing eyes, glowing horn, handsome, helmet, hoers, horse, king sombra, majestic, male, peytral, realistic, realistic anatomy, running, safe, smoke, umbrum
Size: 1000x1330 | Tagged: artist:dragonspirit469, cutie mark, female, hoers, horse, looking at you, mare, pegasus, pony, rainbow dash, realistic, rearing, safe, solo, spread wings, wings
Size: 2802x2140 | Tagged: alicorn, artist:toskurra, curved horn, female, gray background, hair over one eye, hoers, horn, mare, pony, princess celestia, realistic, rearing, safe, signature, simple background, solo, spread wings, wings
Size: 1920x1321 | Tagged: artist:lopoddity, beach, blaze (coat marking), colt, duo, earth pony, female, flower, flower in hair, foal, hair over one eye, horse, male, mare, missing cutie mark, mother and son, oc, oc:captain cutthroat, oc:coral, ocean, oc only, pandoraverse, pony, pregnant, realistic, safe, thicc hips
Size: 2000x1000 | Tagged: artist:thecoldsbarn, bedroom eyes, blushing, close-up, eyes, heart eyes, looking at you, oc, oc only, oc:sunny smiles, pony, realistic, safe, solo, wingding eyes
Size: 905x1280 | Tagged: artist:kirinscorner, artist:lolilith, breasts, cleavage, dark skin, ear piercing, elf ears, female, human, human coloration, humanized, jewelry, piercing, pointed ears, realistic, safe, solo, zecora
Size: 3000x1557 | Tagged: artist:klooda, branches, digital art, female, fluttershy, forest, grass, lake, lying, lying in grass, mare, morning, pegasus, pony, prone, realistic, realistic background, reflection, safe, solo, spring, sunlight, sunrise, tree, water
Size: 900x506 | Tagged: alicorn, armor, artist:trooperette, banished, bat ponified, bat pony, curved horn, cutie mark, deviantart watermark, epic, ethereal mane, fangs, female, horn, jewelry, leonine tail, mare, moon, nightmare moon, obtrusive watermark, planet, pony, race swap, realistic, rearing, regalia, safe, solo, spread wings, starry mane, sun, watermark, wing armor, wings
Size: 1024x811 | Tagged: a hearth's warming tail, alicorn, artist:sagastuff94, cloak, clothes, female, hoers, mare, pony, princess luna, realistic, realistic anatomy, safe, scene interpretation, spirit of hearth's warming yet to come, traditional art, watercolor painting, windigo
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