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safe (1410731)artist:chub-wub (153)pharynx (633)shining armor (19860)thorax (3477)twilight sparkle (257060)absurd res (60994)adorkable (2413)alicorn (159428)angry (19577)blushing (151375)blush sticker (1686)book (26519)brotherly love (57)c: (1084)changedling (5477)changedling brothers (166)changeling (31597)chest fluff (25130)cute (144717)dork (2604)eyes closed (66620)fanfic art (11178)fangs (17248)female (744406)floppy ears (40658)frown (19243)frustrated (406)glare (7467)heart (37280)hoof fluff (595)hug (22248)king thorax (2176)laughing (6044)male (252268)mare (326148)open mouth (102112)pictogram (1504)pony (676033)prince pharynx (420)simple background (285824)sitting (45269)smiling (179704)spread wings (40233)stallion (70960)that pony sure does love books (966)thought bubble (2446)transparent background (149504)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (100066)underhoof (40649)unicorn (196606)unshorn fetlocks (18283)wings (51080)


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