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safe1587470 artist:chub-wub262 pharynx886 shining armor21717 thorax4001 twilight sparkle283963 alicorn199792 changedling7447 changeling41363 pony857598 unicorn274291 absurd resolution63701 adorkable3228 angry24414 blush sticker2196 blushing178047 book30799 brotherly love65 c:1157 changedling brothers250 chest fluff33052 cute181412 dork3480 duo focus726 eyes closed81508 fanfic art13176 fangs21874 female1227907 floppy ears46608 frown21549 frustrated498 glare7980 heart43626 hoof fluff1139 hug25516 king thorax2642 laughing7247 male331060 mare427406 open mouth125485 pharybetes45 pictogram1828 prince pharynx627 quadrupedal1504 shining adorable512 simple background349550 sitting55916 smiling218439 spread wings48476 stallion94485 that pony sure does love books1072 thought bubble3041 transparent background181314 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116289 underhoof46839 unshorn fetlocks21833 wall of tags2538 wings81606


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