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safe2188592 artist:tcn1205442 applejack201740 bon bon18899 discord37700 flash sentry15133 fluttershy260211 lyra heartstrings34245 pinkie pie257422 rainbow dash281848 rarity218778 sunset shimmer79625 sweetie drops18899 human248513 equestria girls257607 g42044647 adventure in the comments1346 alcohol10250 apron5846 bag9805 bar1865 blushing277104 bottle6052 bow45205 bowtie15227 bracelet15913 clothes640825 cup9140 cute267836 dress62719 drink8930 drunk6015 drunk rarity224 eyes closed140292 female1818555 floating heart6469 fork1280 freckles44738 glass6869 heart77812 high heels17439 humanized120487 jackabetes8007 jewelry114947 knife7237 lesbian118468 light2315 looking at each other34894 male555902 open mouth240615 pants22671 pony coloring3260 purse931 raribetes7063 serving tray197 ship:lyrabon4068 ship:rarijack8348 shipping256174 shoes60187 sitting93615 skirt56195 spoon1914 tray1135 window14304 wine3582 wine bottle764 wine glass2370


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Background Pony #88C0
R:“Hey there, cutie. Are you single?”  
AJ: “No, Rarity. You of all people should know this.”  
R: “Why don’t you ditch her and become mine?”  
AJ: “Because ah’m already yours.”  
AJ: “Rarity, you’re drunk.”  
R: “You’re sexy.”
Background Pony #9203
Applejack: Rarity, honey, you’ve had enough. Why don’t I just call you an Uber and send ya home?  
Rarity: Oh, nonsense darling, why don’t you join me in a glass?  
Applejack: Rarity, I’m serious. Either order something else or I’m sending you home.  
Rarity: Are you on the menu?  
Applejack: RARITY!
Background Pony #4011
Rarity start to climb over the bar stand and jump on Applajack. She slowly unbutton Applejack apron.  
Rarity stop it, you’re drunk- Applajack said.  
C’mon (hic) darling you’re always like this when we’re alone. Rarity said  
Yeah but not in public like this, there’s people here. Sunset help me!!! - Applejack said.
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in love with Fluttershy
@Background Pony #5DDB  
but as I said before I do not care who I stayed with will never stop being my favorite character: 3
although if so, that scares me for the sparity  
it would mean that rarity and spike the dog
Background Pony #0CEC
If shes with Discord in FIM then she will end with him in EQG. See Cadance and Shining being a couple in both universes or mr and mrs Cake or Filthy Rich with Spoiled Rich
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in love with Fluttershy
@Red Pill Man
@Background Pony #E4F8  
that’s probably the fluttercord is canon in Mlp and in Equestria girls it’s likely that the hippie sandal stayed with her.  
but nothing prevents you from enjoying your favorite character I do not know why they get so upset  
Fluttershy is my favorite character and I really do not care who he is with
Background Pony #1D02
@Background Pony #6D77  
we’re talking about the master of chaos here. not some ordinary pony. elderly people do not have a full head of thick black hair. they’re both grown ass adults. I know what I see and heard on the show as well. theres literally just small eyebags and thats it god damn. i mean i in my 20s rn and even i have eyebags lmao its a fucking cartoon and hes immortal. ya gotta look so deep into shit that isnt even correct in the first place. celestia and luna looks young as well but ok. you dont even make sense because hes immortal and even then the writers and developer ALREADY favored fluttecord pictures and nick confalone already established his crush on her in the show on breakup breakdown. they are all grow ass adults like the lauren faust already showed. i look at the facts of the show, you dont. i mean even if you dont like the ship then why go under here and make a gigantic deal about it. its so silly. discord isnt old.