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safe1971381 artist:pencils1376 limestone pie5666 maud pie13933 pinkie pie238565 oc836485 oc:anon13056 oc:moonglow twinkle45 oc:speck356 bat pony64130 earth pony361337 human202769 minotaur1207 pony1323081 unicorn446261 comic:anon's pie adventure500 ass68660 axe1955 belt7742 bow38149 butt178873 cake11527 candle6041 clothes559120 comic123854 ear piercing35625 earring27270 female1603009 flying47386 food87698 glowing eyes13650 hair tie1233 horn117232 human male7627 indoors5146 jewelry91251 jojo's bizarre adventure3067 loincloth1458 male459738 mare618165 menacing501 muscles15838 onomatopoeia6453 pants18971 piercing53486 plot115061 ponytail22635 raised eyebrow7938 red eyes8706 red eyes take warning202 ribbon8254 shirt32413 speech bubble31983 tail bow7737 tanktop9536 this will end in one punch11 this will end in pain2357 tight clothing3231 weapon36623 ゴ ゴ ゴ251


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Background Pony #5E45
I’m not so sure, given Pencils’ sense of humor and habit of playing with our expectations.
I would love to see the pretty minotaur girls again, but…
Background Pony #4B6A
I thought pencils would be safe from the TUmblr shitstorm but one look now and half of his tumblr i gone.
Background Pony #0CD7
Two Minotaurs inside the doors suddenly hear something shout “SHORYUKEN!!!”, followed by a loud crash sound. They open the doors to see a group of ponies and a small green…thing with it’s smoking fist in the air. Curious, they looked up, only to see the guard Minotaur’s legs sticking out of the ceiling.