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Artist’s Description:

Quick color sketch just by mood)
I don’t know why but definitely this is one from my favorite poses >w<
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safe (1430060)artist:yakovlev-vad (378)octavia melody (20971)earth pony (148500)pony (698788)adventure in the comments (1199)alarm clock (308)apple (12922)behaving like a cat (1582)clock (1411)colored (15327)curled up (226)cute (148758)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2581)eyes closed (68021)female (760778)food (51164)fruit (752)hnnng (2050)mare (335712)music notes (2524)paper (2600)precious (72)sketch (53276)sleeping (19239)solo (876567)sweet dreams fuel (547)tavibetes (358)tavicat (2)weapons-grade cute (2709)yakovlev-vad is trying to murder us (12)


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