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Artist's Description:

Quick color sketch just by mood)
I don't know why but definitely this is one from my favorite poses >w<
Alternate source

safe1616107 artist:yakovlev-vad460 octavia melody22945 earth pony216097 pony883942 adventure in the comments1243 alarm clock378 apple15281 behaving like a cat2011 cattavia11 clock1754 colored18288 curled up282 cute186317 daaaaaaaaaaaw3327 eyes closed84118 female1286482 food64320 fruit963 hnnng2323 mare439644 music notes3016 paper3044 precious94 sketch59080 sleeping22232 solo1004026 sweet dreams fuel869 tavibetes631 tavicat6 weapons-grade cute3376 yakovlev-vad is trying to murder us12


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