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safe2189188 artist:magnaluna1240 fleetfoot2668 rainbow dash281899 pegasus503439 pony1618919 g42045260 blushing277219 cheek kiss3173 clothes641119 commissioner:fleetfoot65 cuddling10835 cute267915 dashabetes12418 duo174892 eyes closed140343 female1819149 fleetdash47 flying55726 folded wings20538 gift art3930 high res408603 jacket20263 kissing32850 lesbian118501 magnaluna is trying to murder us16 mare752213 one eye closed46345 shipping256227 simple background604482 warmup suit183 white background164920


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Fletch the Enfield
I am having a little heart attack right now xD gosh that made my entire week for sure couldn’t smile more than already am.
me encuentro sin palabras para describir tanta alegría, sin dudas alguna es tan hermoso como siempre imaginé que pudieras hacer. No sé cómo puedo agradecer, pero sepa que éste va al corazón ^^