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About Me
Find me on Discord if you want to talk with me about everything you want!:
Sweet Blast#1072

Okay fine. Something more about me
- Cocoa drinker (the best is vanilla one with rainbow sprinkles . Yum!)
- Loves cute stuffs
- All ponies I like. But mostly Student 6,Sunset,Starlight,Mane 6,Pie Hater Dash and Daybreaker
- Favourite MLP song is obviously ,,I'll fly", ,,Flawless", ,,Kirin tale" and any official Dash solo song you heard ever + ,,Open up your eyes", ,,One small thing", ,,Photo Booth", ,,Battle of the bands", ,,Perfect day for fun" and ,,Friends can change the world". (Plus all Applejack songs in EQG and Rarity's)
- Is in fandom since S5 finale
- Polish pegasister
- Ships Pinkie X Evil Rainbow Dash. Also loves FlutterDash,RariJack and TwiPie and ShimmerTwi and Startrix.

Friends on this site:
RainbowDash69/leash- He's kinda nice. Even when he has weird passions 😅.
Shylover- Lots and lots of uncommon bond!
Pony Mod2- Female Shyfag and Pie Hater Dash fan. The best best best friend I ever met ♡.
GalacticFlash- Amazing animator. He's from same country what I am 😁. The most amazing friend I ever met.
DarklordYuri- Both we love Yuri from DDLC 😊. Face it. She's cute.
DarkObsidian-One of the kindest persons in this site. Also. My neighboorhood 😆.
genervt-My neighboorhood. Also. The kindest Lighting Dust fan.
TheDreaded-Buddy what likes Rainbow Dash too 😁. Free snuggles!
SGX-II-The best Dashfag,Glimmerfag and Shimmerfag. Also the kindest guy here too.
TheGlimMaster-We share many in common. Plus he's awesome!
ILoveMyoozik-The best music liking Starlight Glimmer,Sunset Shimmer,Trixie and Rainbow Dash fan on this site
Cheeses: Amazing Trixie fan and really nice person
Avicii Forever: Amazing RariJack shipper person
Rainbow Dash is best pony: Rainbow Factory Dash lover and PinkieDash shipper
Hioshiru: Amazing artist. What more can I say?
icey wicey 1517: Awesome person who loves to ship 😉

People what I would love to meet:
Mikey: Twilight Sparkle fan and amazing moderator
Nooby: Rainbow Dash Fan
Pudding Pone-Spike fan

Thanks for staying and read all that stuffs
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