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explicit362476 artist:sidekick354 shining armor23674 sunburst7025 pony1014993 unicorn344171 anal28535 anal creampie8988 anus100551 balls79875 balls are touching363 balls deep1737 creampie32131 cum81879 cum on balls445 cum pool601 cumming23337 dark genitals11768 dock52221 doggy style7937 dripping5778 dripping cum3446 excessive cum3266 eyes closed98569 from behind13868 gay28713 glasses64951 heart50216 infidelity6928 infidelity armor1598 looking back60301 male389411 males only3204 nudity383406 open mouth155362 panting3019 penetration61258 plot82272 ponut45758 raised tail16135 rear view12875 sex126153 shiningburst95 shipping206169 stallion116309 sunburst's glasses448 tail31412 taint5602 underhoof53922 unshorn fetlocks27389 wallpaper18875 wallpaper for the fearless1788 wavy mouth3877


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Have you even tried?
You may have missed it, but a long time ago there were some half-joking speculations that Braeburned was actually Narse who maybe wanted to separate his MLP art from general furry. I think this post was partly a joke about that.