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This comic suppose to be one full comic… …as result,it takes longer time to finish

safe2211653 artist:liaaqila1444 princess celestia114528 twilight sparkle363137 alicorn322911 pony1641851 g42066315 :<1639 :c835 bucket3295 chair12162 chest fluff68328 cute271359 cutelestia4352 descriptive noise1626 eye contact7766 eyes closed142671 fart noise987 featured image1242 female1845822 fluffy20170 food104002 frown37117 gotcha82 height difference2916 high res410137 incoming prank39 laughing11301 leg fluff5545 levitation16566 lidded eyes50374 looking at each other36039 looking up24845 magic98739 mare768273 okay61 open mouth245963 pie4294 pouring228 prank1756 raised hoof72586 raised leg12466 shrunken pupils5596 sillestia340 silly9042 silly pony3598 sitting95554 smiling411601 surprised13119 telekinesis39988 throne4439 traditional art145522 trollestia870 twiabetes15667 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151645 wall of tags7154 water27299 whoopee cushion75 wide eyes20093 wing fluff2651


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@Cirrus Light  
The ideal featured has a mix of 1) A good artist we want to reward, 2) Good artwork we want to showcase, and 3) Something to lighten our spirits, like cuteness or comedy.  
I don’t actually find such humor funny, but I greatly appreciate how it reminds us to not be too serious and immodest, especially as a lighthearted prank.
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Sciencepone of Science!
A fart joke? Odd feature. I suppose the linework is pretty good, but the brightness/effectively the exposure is way too high, and it’s kinda hard to tell Twilight’s pouring water on Tia. I guess they were both planning to prank each other? It’s a bit confusing. The linework is good, but the artist has done better pieces, and there’s still a lot of really amazing ones out there that aren’t as recognized as they should be.
I still find the feature selection process a bit oddly arbitrary.
life just seems too oddly arbitrary and random…
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Sleep isn't real.
Well it’s not so much that, ut ile a show that shows clips from the internet doing dumb shit. Though now that you mention it, there is a new show on MTV like Jackass called “too dumb to die” I think
Background Pony #FFA1
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that in 2011 Ryan Duun (one of the show’s stars) got super drunk with a friend one night, sped on the highway in his porsche 911 gt3 rs (a pro race car for the street, mind you), smashed through a barrier, and into trees in the woods beyond. Car burst into flames and ripped apart, killing both occupants
Night Eternal

🛡ɳყא รρα૨ҡℓε🛡
Yeah no kidding. I walked past a group of kids that were watching MTV, and the show ythet we’re watching was video clips of doing stuff like blowing up fireworks in a person’s face. Apparently that’s the whole show.
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She’s not. She’s been shown to have a playful side to her before in the show a few times (that’s kinda how the Trollestia meme started in the first place).
@Background Pony #9743  
No, I’d bet it would still be a problem with some people. Especially given how a lot of big popular pranks lately are the dumb dangerous ones or the really mean spirited ones. (“It’s just a prank, bro!”)
Background Pony #66E0
i beg to differ. if it were “pranklestia”, it wouldn’t be much of a problem. but it is & it sucks.