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Luna edit of >>1621491

explicit465083 artist:yakovlev-vad593 derpibooru exclusive39918 edit171265 editor:jingles-j8 princess luna116277 alicorn310139 pony1582393 g42007157 anal36423 anal creampie12333 anus135407 armor30810 armpits46759 asphyxiation1995 bondage45965 cervical contact1392 cervix2429 character swap204 cheek fluff9204 chest fluff63925 clothes625629 creampie44276 cum103864 dock70089 double penetration5600 ear fluff49260 eye scar5979 eyes closed137058 female1781188 floppy ears71905 fluffy19258 gritted teeth19106 high res406164 internal5869 leg fluff4802 lunasub474 mare728282 multiple penetration5642 neck fluff1430 nudity505266 penetration86774 race swap21260 restrained2183 rope15723 rope bondage6979 scar16232 sex168554 shivering2547 snorting666 solo1409807 solo female231971 spread legs29639 spreading30799 strangling450 sweat39824 tentacle bondage2570 tentacle penis357 tentacle porn10381 tentacles15335 tentacles on female5827 torn clothes6828 underhoof67995 uterus4216 vaginal56428 vaginal secretions52353 vulva186848 x-ray10919


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Both of the artists tagged on this image have previous works that were explicit, so I don’t know why you chose this image to complain on.
But, if you really don’t want to see their explicit work, just add this to your complex filter:
artist:yakovlev-vad AND explicit
Then you can be happy again.
Then their explicit work will be hidden, but you will see everything else they have done.
PS: Artists drawing and sharing their work for free is a good thing. Please don’t discourage them.
Background Pony #1F1B
Unf, Luna getting fucked good on all sides, and the tentacles don’t look like they’ll be letting her go any time soon.
I wonder who tied her front hooves up together though.
Background Pony #45C0
The original was already unf as fuck.  
With this we’ve gone into the “my erection shall pierce heavens” levels…
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The Everfree forest seems to be full of horny tentacle beasts. Maybe somepony should post a sign! Then again, they seem to be pretty busy, so maybe somepony already did…