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Humanized Applespike commission from Johnjoseco.

explicit478791 artist:johnjoseco4558 applejack202371 spike93013 human250230 g42053236 2 handfuls of dat ass3312 applebutt7480 ass81431 barn4587 blushing279060 body freckles1401 boots34139 breast squish2751 breasts397219 busty applejack14240 butt235790 butt grab4254 clothes644571 cowboy boots2724 cowboy hat26459 duo178500 eyes closed141117 female1828654 freckles45151 french kiss3836 grayscale49866 grope19644 hand on butt4374 hat126410 high res409202 hug38146 humanized120896 indoors8768 intimate411 jeans6777 kissing33055 long hair8795 male559321 monochrome176458 nudity520438 older40995 older spike9265 pants22920 partially undressed1429 passionate566 sex174604 ship:applespike928 shipping257461 shoes60806 short hair3380 sideboob14277 standing26366 straight181743 sweat41455


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Background Pony #6091
Oh yes, the royal assistant and competent librarian, who shares a direct link to the Princess who controls the sun, and is highly respected by buffalo culture in addition to being considered a hero by a kingdom up north, isn’t good enough for the farm girl. Verily, the kid who has been a dedicated, hardworking, relentlessly loyal partner to an extremely smart pony since he was a toddler, who also happens to be one of the friendliest, most welcoming fellas you’ll ever meet, who was the only one to go back to help his friends when they believed they were being chased by a monster on Nightmare Night, surely can’t be good enough for a musclebound simpleton.