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Humanized Applespike commission from Johnjoseco.
explicit361325 artist:johnjoseco4460 applejack173225 spike80482 human158888 2 handfuls of dat ass2671 applebutt4542 applespike822 ass50867 barn3297 blushing204517 body freckles977 boots22919 breast squish1762 breasts288535 busty applejack10813 butt65794 butt grab2684 clothes475696 cowboy boots1597 cowboy hat17138 eyes closed97986 female1401221 freckles30099 french kiss1970 grayscale39226 grope13808 hand on butt2927 hat90269 hug29123 humanized101892 indoors3413 intimate304 jeans4336 kissing25367 long hair4452 male387768 monochrome152297 nudity382134 older27781 older spike5509 pants15311 passionate398 sex125643 shipping205599 shoes38706 short hair2037 sideboob10797 standing12871 straight140265 sweat27618


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Background Pony #6091
Oh yes, the royal assistant and competent librarian, who shares a direct link to the Princess who controls the sun, and is highly respected by buffalo culture in addition to being considered a hero by a kingdom up north, isn't good enough for the farm girl. Verily, the kid who has been a dedicated, hardworking, relentlessly loyal partner to an extremely smart pony since he was a toddler, who also happens to be one of the friendliest, most welcoming fellas you'll ever meet, who was the only one to go back to help his friends when they believed they were being chased by a monster on Nightmare Night, surely can't be good enough for a musclebound simpleton.