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Happy Season Finale! This isn't getting any easier with each new season. The third in-succession MLP In A Nutshell nutshell is here! This was a brilliant season. All that sudden continuity.

Things to note/not write me about: I couldn't cram each and every reference, because that would've given me a stroke. Also, I won't be doing those of the previous seasons before 5. And now, the cheatsheet.

The References, officially:
1. Teacup-swimming Discord, Thorax, Trixie, Starlight Glimmer, Medals of Friendship
2. Teacups, Cinnamon Nuts, Bottled-up Rage
3. Flurry Heart, Twilight Sparkle, Shopping Cart, Whammy
4. Maud Pie, Pizza Suit Pinkie Pie, Kite-flying Starlight Glimmer, Jalapeño Red Velvet Omelette Cupcakes
5. What-the-heck Fluttershy, Intensive Care Angel Bunny, Dr. Fauna
6. Chipcutter, Majestic Statue
7. Scootaloo, Wonderbolt Rainbow Dash, Bow Hothoof, Windy Whistles
8. Big Macintosh, Sugar Belle, Feather Bangs, Feather Bangers Fan Club
9. Rage Rarity, Applejack, Strawberry Sunrise, Photo Finish, Hoity Toity, As-if Big Macintosh, Strawberry Basket
10. Daybreaker, Nightmare Moon, Pineapple Breakfast, Pancakes, Ballerina Twilight Sparkle
11. Prince Rutherford, Honorary Yak Helmet
12. Screaming Piñata, Gin-sing Tea, Flying Teapot
13. Bright Mac, Pear Butter
14. Friendship Journals
15. Twilight Glimmer, Dragon Lord Ember, Cutie Map Spike
16. Rockhoof Apple Bloom, Mistmane Sweetie Belle, Flash Magnus Scootaloo
17. Pharynx
18. Daring Do, Somnambula, Sphinx's Paw, Glowpaz
19. Punk Rage Rarity
20. Mage Meadowbrook Zecora, Flash Bee
21. CMC-Protesting Rebel Rumble, Thunderlane, Kettle Corn, Circles
22. Seasick Shining Armor, Princess Cadance, Twilight Velvet, Night Light, Star Tracker, Parachuting Iron Will, Barrel o' Fun
23. Ballooning Pie-throwing Pinkie Pie
24. Sunburst, Star Swirl's Journal*
25/26. Star Swirl the Bearded, Pony of Shadows (Stygian), Mysterious Sirens
safe1727581 artist:dm291666 adagio dazzle13059 angel bunny9925 applejack171549 aria blaze9882 big macintosh28563 bow hothoof1083 bright mac1339 chipcutter119 daring do6465 daybreaker2867 dear darling202 discord31375 doctor fauna543 feather bangs566 flash magnus841 flash sentry13007 fluttershy214931 fond feather197 hoity toity1002 iron will1358 kettle corn260 maud pie12623 mistmane780 night light2343 nightmare moon17068 pear butter2893 pharynx1020 photo finish2649 pinkie pie218212 pony of shadows492 prince rutherford768 princess cadance32793 princess ember6604 princess flurry heart7375 rainbow dash236241 rarity183653 rockhoof1150 rumble4001 scootaloo51600 shining armor23397 somnambula1935 sonata dusk13637 sphinx (character)951 spike79519 star swirl the bearded2038 star tracker426 starlight glimmer49215 strawberry sunrise379 sugar belle3186 sweetie belle49402 swoon song204 thorax4391 thunderlane4160 trixie68118 twilight sparkle303172 twilight velvet4377 whammy133 wild fire903 windy whistles2186 zecora9447 alicorn228597 changedling8575 changeling48718 dragon57523 earth pony256804 flash bee80 pegasus300201 pony987812 sphinx1945 unicorn332562 yak4686 zebra18049 a flurry of emotions1274 a health of information530 a royal problem2174 all bottled up1451 campfire tales748 celestial advice1161 daring done?959 discordant harmony793 fame and misfortune1090 fluttershy leans in454 forever filly571 hard to say anything841 honest apple753 it isn't the mane thing about you1172 marks and recreation758 not asking for trouble562 once upon a zeppelin832 parental glideance1083 rock solid friendship1246 season 7757 secrets and pies787 shadow play1313 the perfect pear1438 to change a changeling763 triple threat997 uncommon bond821 airsick armor24 alternate hairstyle28613 anger magic191 applejack's parents317 backwards cutie mark3405 ballerina1006 basket3139 bee sentry4 bimbettes166 bottled rage24 brightbutter802 camera4029 cinnamon nuts69 clothes467397 colt15173 crossing the memes625 cup6402 dragon lord ember1077 equestrian pink heart of courage154 female1381859 filly68230 final form47 flash sentry bee4 food71533 friendship journal174 ginseng teabags52 glowpaz108 green face167 guitar5054 guitarity136 heart49191 heart eyes17091 helmet10986 hug28718 jalapeno red velvet omelette cupcakes15 king thorax2932 kite806 magic74299 male380372 mare491245 meme82474 micro9202 mini twilight9 mining helmet404 muffin6488 musical instrument11605 not enough tags1 pancakes1361 pie3329 pineapple436 pizza costume19 pizza head56 piñata249 punk2275 rainbow dash's parents338 raripunk1258 reformed four164 season 7 in a nutshell1 shipping202947 shopping cart163 simple background401296 stallion112137 statue2371 stingbush seed pods37 straight138397 strawberry982 sugarmac791 teacup2964 that pony sure does love kites267 that pony sure does love teacups298 the meme continues61 the story so far of season 715 this is my final form24 too many tags17 tutu1103 twilarina334 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124935 uniform10879 wall of tags3408 why i'm creating a gown darling74 windyhoof309 wingding eyes22877 winged teapot14 wonderbolts uniform5921


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This show is such blissful insanity! To quote a wise Draconequus: "Chaos is a wonderful, WONDERFUL thing! What fun is there in making sense?"