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Aliases: dragonlord ember, dragon lady ember, dragonlady ember
Implies: princess ember

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Princess Ember executing or displaying her position as dragonlord.
When it is not clear from the picture that she is meant to be the dragonlord please only use Princess Ember
Size: 1653x2480 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:zemer, princess ember, anthro, dragon, breasts, dragon lord ember, dragoness, female, horns, monochrome, pencil drawing, sitting, traditional art
Size: 1280x1840 | Tagged: safe, artist:bomzzzik, princess ember, dragon, bloodstone scepter, digital art, dragon lands, dragon lord ember, horns, scepter, smiling, solo
Size: 1818x2048 | Tagged: safe, artist:sew_adorkable, artist:trashkitten-plushies, princess ember, buttons, cute, dragon lord ember, emberbetes, embroidery, irl, photo, plushie, solo
Size: 2000x12092 | Tagged: safe, artist:mlp-silver-quill, amethyst star, bellflower blurb, bon bon, caramel, cloudchaser, coco pommel, dj pon-3, flitter, fluttershy, lyra heartstrings, maud pie, mayor mare, meadowbrook, night glider, party favor, pharynx, pinkie pie, prince rutherford, princess ember, rainbow dash, rockhoof, sea swirl, seafoam, soarin', sparkler, spitfire, starlight glimmer, sugar belle, sunburst, sweetie drops, thorax, thunderlane, trixie, twilight sparkle, twinkleshine, vinyl scratch, alicorn, changedling, changeling, earth pony, pegasus, pony, unicorn, yak, comic:pinkie pie says goodnight, changedling brothers, comic, dialogue, dragon lord ember, evil laugh, evil planning in progress, female, gift box, king thorax, laughing, lightning, looking at you, male, mare, ponyville town hall, pouting, prince pharynx, shipping denied, stallion, talking to viewer, twilight sparkle (alicorn), wall of tags
Size: 1566x600 | Tagged: safe, artist:wollyshop, princess ember, dragon, commission, dragon lord ember, embroidery, horns, irl, photo, plushie, posable, solo
Size: 1280x854 | Tagged: safe, artist:chiptunebrony, princess ember, oc, oc:kenji the human, dragon, human, affection, anime, beautiful, blushing, cellshaded, cute, dialogue, dialogue in the description, dragon lord ember, dragoness, duckface, emberbetes, fake screenshot, female, hands on cheeks, harbor, looking at someone, looking up, moon, plank, reflection, romance, sad, subtitles, water
Size: 800x2400 | Tagged: safe, artist:bikkurimoon, big macintosh, cheerilee, discord, marble pie, princess ember, spike, sugar belle, comic, dragon lord ember, japanese, translation request
Size: 1871x1742 | Tagged: safe, artist:the-butch-x, princess ember, dragon, bloodstone scepter, digital art, dragon lord ember, dragoness, female, smiling, solo
Size: 6000x3804 | Tagged: safe, artist:comfyplum, princess ember, oc, oc:preelix, dragon, absurd resolution, banner, bloodstone scepter, cave, dragon lord ember, fanfic art, female, giant dragon, giantess, interior, macro, older, open mouth, size difference, smiling, spread wings, throne, wings
Size: 1400x1364 | Tagged: safe, artist:azdaracylius, princess ember, dragon, bloodstone scepter, bust, dragon lord ember, dragoness, female, green background, portrait, simple background, smiling, solo
Size: 1024x1449 | Tagged: safe, artist:neoshrek, princess ember, dragon, bloodstone scepter, dragon lord ember, solo
Size: 600x714 | Tagged: safe, artist:queencold, princess ember, dragon, armor, bloodstone scepter, crown, dragon lord ember, dragoness, female, gold, head dress, jewelry, regalia, simple background, solo, sparkles, transparent background
Size: 1904x1436 | Tagged: safe, artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen, princess ember, thorax, changedling, changeling, dragon, blushing, digital art, dragon lord ember, dragoness, embrax, exoskeleton, female, king thorax, male, nuzzling, shipping, simple background, smiling, straight, transparent background
Size: 1600x2000 | Tagged: safe, artist:auroriia, artist:rocket-lawnchair, princess ember, smolder, dragon, bloodstone scepter, collaboration, dragon lord ember, dragoness, duo, female, flying, looking at each other, smiling
Size: 960x1200 | Tagged: safe, artist:sherwood, princess ember, dragon, bloodstone scepter, dragon lord ember, dragoness, female, roar, solo, wings
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