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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe (1376478)artist:lumineko (2582)fluttershy (177436)spike (64547)spike the regular dog (2072)dance magic (1326)equestria girls (151300)spoiler:eqg specials (4476)bed (29414)bellyrubs (982)blushing (147183)breasts (190597)chair (4608)cleavage (26002)clothes (338364)cute (139294)descriptive noise (1169)dog (6977)duo (36738)eyes closed (64172)female (709586)male (240719)onomatopoeia (1694)open mouth (98853)pants (8922)scratching (420)sewing machine (431)shyabetes (8722)skirt (29959)smiling (173226)spikabetes (1280)spikelove (953)tongue out (72002)window (5556)


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Background Pony #0871
Yeah, being a young member of a super powerful race that lives for several millenia and eventually grows large and strong enough to take on entire armies, but while he waits for that, he enjoys a happy life being close friends with the ponies most of the fanbase apparently faps to every day, and would kill to meet in their dreams.

Yeah. That sounds horrible. Good thing this one pic exists…
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