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Check the source for the original 80 MB png and viwrastupr’s description!

Print Available

Here are all the individual pieces that make up this work. A list of close-ups is at the bottom.



Close-ups: (top to bottom)
>>1359174 Gabby
>>1359993 Gilda
>>1372030 Spitfire, Soarin’, Fleetfoot
>>1366430 Cadance
>>1358549 Derpy Hooves, Blossomforth, Cloud Kicker
>>1357763 Cloudchaser, Flitter
>>1357498 Roseluck
>>1376786 Luna
>>1375924 Celestia
>>1369771 Vinyl Scratch
>>1367608 Octavia
>>1361044 Lyra, Bon Bon
>>1362414 Caramel, Toffee
>>1363464 Dr. Whooves
>>1364358 Moondancer, Lemon Hearts, Minuette, Twinkleshine
>>1373179 Starlight Glimmer, Trixie
>>1355367 Zecora
>>1356363 Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom
>>1359492 Big Mac
>>1362075 Chrysalis
safe (1425527)artist:viwrastupr (510)angel bunny (8633)apple bloom (43510)applejack (147418)big macintosh (25183)blaze (254)blossomforth (1275)bon bon (14624)caramel (2225)cloudchaser (3478)cloud kicker (1500)daisy (2083)derpy hooves (45840)discord (26623)dj pon-3 (26662)doctor whooves (9513)fancypants (1627)fleetfoot (1748)fleur-de-lis (3022)flitter (2748)flower wishes (1868)fluttershy (183689)gabby (1724)gilda (8515)greta (370)gummy (4585)lemon hearts (1710)lily (1588)lily valley (1619)lyra heartstrings (26060)minuette (4997)moondancer (3822)octavia melody (20945)opalescence (1876)owlowiscious (1817)philomena (973)pinkie pie (188596)princess cadance (28055)princess celestia (83440)princess flurry heart (5509)princess luna (87838)queen chrysalis (29183)rainbow dash (203395)rarity (157194)raven (513)roseluck (4308)scootaloo (46449)shining armor (20047)soarin' (12490)spike (68191)spitfire (11989)starlight glimmer (37843)sunburst (4708)surprise (2784)sweetie belle (43758)sweetie drops (14614)tank (2442)tantabus (405)time turner (9503)toffee (83)tree of harmony (594)trixie (55933)twilight sparkle (259656)twinkleshine (1776)vinyl scratch (30757)winona (2230)zecora (7939)oc (523523)oc:fausticorn (1372)alicorn (162626)changeling (32231)dragon (37393)griffon (21288)pegasus (187070)phoenix (980)pony (688163)timber wolf (1082)zebra (13410)absurd res (61249)alicorn amulet (1603)alicorn hexarchy (12)apple (12858)astronomical detail (3)backwards cutie mark (2688)bag (2505)balancing (853)balcony (1145)beautiful (3677)book (26960)bookshelf (2434)bow (19265)bow (instrument) (538)bridge (849)canterlot (3945)canterlot castle (1242)canterlot five (11)canyon (113)cape (7598)castle (1424)castle griffonstone (17)castle of the royal pony sisters (464)cello (2141)cello bow (255)cloak (3300)clothes (354603)cloud (28391)cloudsdale (1113)clubhouse (590)colored pupils (7507)color porn (1036)crib (411)crown (10664)crusaders clubhouse (570)crystal ball (433)crystal empire (1779)cup (4632)curved horn (4646)cute (147912)cutie map (554)cutie mark crusaders (16217)daily deviation (43)drink (3764)element of magic (1469)epic (1229)everfree forest (1777)eyes closed (67742)fascinating (21)father and daughter (1870)featured image (701)female (757025)flower (18318)flower trio (483)flying (29746)food (50878)friends (470)fruit (750)glass (3351)glasses (46845)glowing horn (13523)goggles (11692)grass (6856)griffonstone (218)group (2407)hair bow (10297)hat (64483)jewelry (38794)lake (1227)large wings (1257)lidded eyes (18566)light (979)looking at each other (12497)magic (57285)magnum opus (3)majestic (596)male (256715)mane seven (4759)mane six (26315)mountain (3715)mountain range (439)mouth hold (13271)multicolored hair (3307)multicolored tail (719)musical instrument (5816)necktie (5248)night (19375)night sky (1291)open mouth (103828)park (754)path (268)pillow (12747)playing (1151)poison joke (727)pond (667)ponyville (4298)potion (1430)pulling (493)raised hoof (31987)reading (5262)regalia (12165)river (1525)rose (3016)salad (310)scarf (17415)scenery (6155)scenery porn (640)school (1429)self ponidox (6196)sitting (45949)sky (9406)sleeping (19188)smiling (182566)solar system (47)spread wings (40853)stage (2378)starry night (512)stars (11387)statue (1814)surprised (6796)swarm (129)table (6992)technical advanced (96)telekinesis (20609)the hall of friendship (29)tiara (2341)too big for derpibooru (40)tree (22497)trixie's cape (2872)trixie's hat (3529)trixie's wagon (861)twilight's castle (2811)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101565)underhoof (41163)uniform (7622)wall of tags (1767)water (9828)waterfall (1333)wings (52657)wonderbolts (3101)wonderbolts uniform (4885)zecora's hut (512)


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Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale

Emily Brickenbrackle III
So much love had to have gone into this image. This really does deserve the "Beautiful" tag.

Kudos, viwrastupr, this is probably my favorite image on the entire site. I want this framed on my wall.
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Cirrus Light
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Sciencepone of Science!
I met the artist at CMPC and bought a queen sized blanket with this printed on it.

I’m going to start staying in a different apartment for college, and I’ll get a queen sized bed – I’m excited to spread this on it :D

While the stigma of fan art may keep this from being appraised for millions and sold to a museum at an auction any time soon, I’m glad we live in the 21st century where this gets exposure, as opposed to sitting in some basement somewhere unappreciated.

Didn’t that happen to Van Gough’s art for a long time?
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