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safe1751163 artist:pembroke967 sweetie belle49740 oc712328 oc:aero174 pegasus309366 pony1011185 ask meanie belle113 comic:when aero met glitter63 ask24969 canon x oc26148 clothes476253 colt15479 comic111495 crush367 crying44836 descriptive noise1461 ear piercing27823 earring22185 friendzone161 heartbreak734 horn piercing192 horse noises580 hug29146 jewelry68380 male388223 meanie belle409 meme83396 nose piercing2810 nose ring2207 offspring40890 parent:derpy hooves740 parent:oc:warden122 parents:canon x oc1811 parents:warderp123 piercing43144 plot82159 sad25074 scarf23864 shipping205719 speech bubble24444 thought bubble3567 tumblr35004 waving3077


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@Digi [FiM]
In Glitter-verse Sweetie Belle was the first pony to find out, so for the purpose of this story we're sliiiiiiding Meanie into that position. I like to think of the Tumblr multiverse like a Venn diagram.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I'm waiting for the moment of.
"Aww the boy I like likes another boy. Wait a second the boy I like likes another boy………….yay!"
I'm sure Meanie a secret yoai fangirl.