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le blink
safe1654004 artist:lunarmarshmallow185 derpibooru exclusive26959 pinkie pie211108 earth pony229584 pony918499 :p8250 :t3689 animated95926 blinking3479 blushing188883 bust46471 chest fluff36188 cute191842 diapinkes9427 eye shimmer1184 female1317685 heart eyes15466 mare456323 mlem855 ponk994 portrait29895 silly7263 simple background375890 smiling233907 solo1030212 sweet dreams fuel1163 tongue out98668 weapons-grade cute3554 white background93170 wingding eyes21047


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@Background Pony #686F
well of course i don't like my stuff lmao.
when is an artist actually satisfied with their own work.

This is currently my highest rated image which passed my highest NSFW image by like 16 votes.

it's bizarre that a safe and easy to do gif got so high up. time to make more i guess