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le blink
safe1785588 artist:lunarmarshmallow193 derpibooru exclusive30064 pinkie pie223041 earth pony280935 pony1087121 :p9937 :t3936 animated102376 blinking4072 blushing209972 bust54899 chest fluff43254 cute210124 diapinkes10453 eye shimmer1249 female1434114 heart eyes17981 mare518963 mlem937 ponk1109 portrait32687 silly7632 simple background422727 smiling272639 solo1121861 sweet dreams fuel1706 tongue out111551 weapons-grade cute3822 white background106359 wingding eyes24161


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@Background Pony #686F  
well of course i don’t like my stuff lmao.  
when is an artist actually satisfied with their own work.
This is currently my highest rated image which passed my highest NSFW image by like 16 votes.
it’s bizarre that a safe and easy to do gif got so high up. time to make more i guess