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le blink

safe2119079 artist:lunarmarshmallow181 derpibooru exclusive38827 pinkie pie250076 earth pony423731 pony1480132 g41933543 :p13757 :t4375 animated122329 blinking5043 blushing261835 bust74985 chest fluff61853 cute257381 diapinkes12348 eye shimmer1424 female1740681 heart eyes28034 mare703874 mlem1137 ponk1245 portrait40376 silly8690 simple background569607 smiling377336 solo1382667 sweet dreams fuel2001 tongue out141551 weapons-grade cute4556 white background151995 wingding eyes37303


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@Background Pony #686F  
well of course i don’t like my stuff lmao.  
when is an artist actually satisfied with their own work.
This is currently my highest rated image which passed my highest NSFW image by like 16 votes.
it’s bizarre that a safe and easy to do gif got so high up. time to make more i guess