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This is what happens when diplomacy fails!
Only one piece of cake left… how could such a terrible thing happen? The Princesses of Equestria had come to the Crystal Empire on a friendly visit, but how quickly it had all turned sour. Though attempts were made to placate the warring Alicorns with fresh cupcakes, their battle was too far gone to be stopped. Soldiers from the Royal Guard stood by uneasily, the castle staff looking on fearfully. Not even Shining Armour had been able to intervene, forced to flee the field of battle, calling out bitterly “I am not cleaning that up!”
The crystal ponies will not soon forget the day their castle echoed with the sounds of conflict as the Princesses turned on each other. And it would come to be known as The Pillow Fight of the Princesses.  
… geez! This really made the headlines? Must have been a slow news day…

safe2199573 artist:ponyecho257 princess cadance40560 princess celestia113872 princess luna118304 twilight sparkle361391 alicorn319868 pony1630102 g42055511 absurd resolution67911 alicorn tetrarchy1242 bed59153 bedroom17401 cute269447 cutedance1632 cutelestia4317 eyes closed141348 face down ass up11662 female1831377 grin64071 horn204796 horn impalement983 levitation16460 lunabetes4428 magic98046 mare759582 missing accessory10434 open mouth243078 pillow fight259 raised hoof71606 show accurate27180 smiling406548 spread wings97594 telekinesis39681 throwing737 true love princesses79 twiabetes15541 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150888 twilunestiance95 wink33455


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Background Pony #3657
Wow, another nice piece of work from ponyecho.  
Also, when is season 2 of pony petting going to release?  
I’m super eager for it mate.
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The periodic royal summit, where the princesses meet under conditions of the tightest secrecy.
Some think they talk with other world leaders about keeping their populations oppressed and under control.
Others think they work with the Rockfeller group and international banks to retain and fund their power.
But nobody suspected what really happens behind those locked doors…
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actually in latin america shining armor voice actor is the same of captain america
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Happy Princesses are best princesses!
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Is this Shining’s room? Or Cadance’s?
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I miss the show so much
And then, suddenly they noticed the last cake piece was gone. Someone had sneaked in and stolen it.
*insert Metal Gear Solid sneaking music here*