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suggestive130940 artist:lumineko2734 button mash3830 nightmare moon16012 oc616945 oc:cream heart2144 :p7528 bedroom eyes53951 buttoncest337 clothes419861 dreamluna150 eyes closed82810 floppy ears47174 frown21677 game boy285 hair over one eye8296 harem835 implied foalcon1507 implied incest1513 licking lips3951 multeity2085 oedipus complex18 panties46692 plot72309 self ponidox7431 smiling221198 snuggling6318 socks58537 striped socks19689 striped underwear2795 tongue out93267 underwear56280 wide eyes16218 wtf2044 wtf face28


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Background Pony #4F9E
I think Button has played too much Metal Gear Solid. He's turned into Psycho Mantis.