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suggestive129499 artist:lumineko2731 button mash3805 nightmare moon15884 oc607899 oc:cream heart2112 :p7356 bedroom eyes53034 buttoncest335 clothes414035 dreamluna150 eyes closed81231 floppy ears46485 frown21526 game boy284 hair over one eye8221 harem822 implied foalcon1501 implied incest1498 licking lips3878 multeity2066 oedipus complex17 panties46216 plot71412 self ponidox7313 smiling217771 snuggling6308 socks57558 striped socks19435 striped underwear2781 tongue out91613 underwear55601 wide eyes16085 wtf2026 wtf face28


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Background Pony #4F9E
I think Button has played too much Metal Gear Solid. He's turned into Psycho Mantis.