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safe2196511 artist:razya65 apple bloom60521 applejack202316 big macintosh33902 carrot cake2511 cup cake4977 fluttershy261050 granny smith6147 mayor mare3872 pinkie pie258233 princess celestia113676 princess luna118134 rainbow dash282758 rarity219394 scootaloo59187 snails5805 snips4639 spike92989 sweetie belle57178 twilight sparkle360903 zecora11236 alicorn319133 earth pony514256 pony1626929 unicorn549045 zebra24166 g42052445 scare master1100 cutie mark crusaders22570 derp8449 faic14975 intro598 mane seven7945 mane six37848 nailed it90 nightmare fuel4653 parody17540 photo97541 style emulation4977 stylistic suck1336 theme song472 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150698 wat21903


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Background Pony #FAED
(am I the only one who wants to tag this with ‘artist:pinkie pie’ as well?)