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safe1658828 artist:assasinmonkey803 apple bloom48396 applejack165930 earth pony231533 pony922949 make new friends but keep discord1997 adorabloom2628 applebetes120 clothes442384 cute192567 detailed752 dress42880 eye contact6338 featured image846 flower24465 flower in hair7308 gala dress4490 hat83208 jackabetes5695 looking at each other18935 open mouth137356 raised hoof43182 running5723 sisters8337 smiling235877


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@Apple Sugarcube
Haha, AssasinMonkey is quite skilled in this technique XD
Have a look at the WIP to have a clearer idea.

If someone is interested, I can ask him to publish the timelapse of this on Youtube (he planned to do it, but he has something like 100+ of them in the queue…).
Background Pony #DF1F
For some reason, it feels a bit Disney'fied to me. Still pretty neat though.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Applejack's dress looks like it was made out of a feed sack.

And I mean that in a good way—back in the day, animal feed often came in cloth sacks that were printed in bright designs so that they could be reused as dress cloth. My mom had several dresses like that as a child.