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safe1750159 artist:lostinthetrees235 discord31820 fluttershy217228 pinkie pie220132 draconequus12812 earth pony265806 pegasus309030 pony1010210 curled up317 cute205657 daaaaaaaaaaaw4678 diapinkes10270 discord gets all the mares104 discute1042 eyes closed98031 female1401599 male387924 mare502037 on side6838 shyabetes14501 sleeping23934 smiling260833


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@Background Pony #023E
yay me!

Though I understand that the most amusing days are the ones he decides to spend at Rainbow's. She can be quite fussy when it comes to close contact displays of affection but Discord still insists because amongst other reasons he knows that while perhaps not as cuddly as Pinkie or Fluttershy Rainbow still likes it more then she would admit.

After TRULY learning the meaning of friendship and realizing how close he came to losing all his friends he became rather protective of them.
(Tomorrow he will sleep at Rarity's)
Background Pony #BC8E
Um waiter? I was told that you made a mean pie, but quite frankly… Dis Pie be Shy!( I'm sorry)