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explicit364827 artist:evomanaphy881 oc719585 oc only469960 oc:tornado thunder12 changeling50377 pegasus314857 pony1025601 anus101255 balls80565 bed42785 bondage35338 clothes480997 commission74421 cowgirl position7375 creepy alien facehugger dick269 cumming23561 devilcorn4 egg4141 female1415009 femdom8447 halfchangeling4 horns6476 horsecock72666 impregnation3175 internal4327 male392746 mare509041 nudity385870 oc x oc16571 open mouth157318 orgasm12437 oviposition2100 ovipositor754 penetration61847 penis160710 ponies breeding changelings210 pregnant13589 sex127126 socks69180 stallion117978 stockings34615 straight141391 thigh highs38666 vagina50172 vaginal41515 vulva133667 x-ray8273


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It’s probably just a bit of how someone sees it. It all started when I first saw this image. The mare’s mane color and highlights, as well as her coat color reminded me of Princess Harmony, the pony in the background of the image of her and her brother Chaotic. It was literally an initial reaction because the manes and colors were so similar. I didn’t even see the cutie mark until I recognized it and the little horns, showing that it was your character and not one that I have seen in the past.
Again I’m sorry for the mix-up. Yet again it was a rash choice on my part.

i don’t thin kshe look like my Pony Sona Tornado ^^  
There many Differents ^^
Tornado has Horns (on each site 2) and she is a devilcorn ^^  
only the blue eyes and the graindent are a little simmelar but tornado don’t has a color graindent ^^
i’m not angry ^^

@Background Pony #C3B4
Apologies again. It was the wrong name. The mare reminded me of Princess Harmony, the sister of Prince Chaotic. They are the offspring of Princess Celestia and Discord. Pictures of these two are found from the artist hikariviny on deviantArt. I don’t know if the artist also has pictures her on Derpibooru; I will have to see that later.
Here is one of the pictures though:  

My Apologies, to you and the ponysona’s creator. Truly when I saw this, Prince’s Chaos’s sister Tornado (from a different artist) that was one of the first things about it that I saw. Another was the style of both the characters. When you has seen different styles for the characters, one does tend to know who the artist is by the style.
And even more food for thought: I didn’t know that Tornado was her name, though when seeing that her brother is Chaos, it makes sense.