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dead source29608 safe1863172 artist:speccysy438 fluttershy227826 pegasus356921 pony1207623 g43518 2011313 artifact1146 cloud34826 cloudy6275 crepuscular rays3474 cute220560 derpibooru legacy19 eyes closed109262 female1502639 first fluttershy picture on derpibooru1 flying43117 happy35215 index get287 long hair4989 mammal41 mare557983 messy mane8484 milestone929 one of the first11 outdoors14117 pink mane1271 pink tail366 shyabetes15765 signature31133 sky16842 smiling297586 solo1184227 spread wings65572 stretching2633 sunlight1620 sunshine282 sweet dreams fuel1774 tail49260 upside down6157 weapons-grade cute4034 wings149234


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Non-Fungible Trixie -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
@☬ lincolnbrewsterfan ☬
Me: thinks that the very first image on Derpi would not have any new comments
LincolnBrewsterFan: comments 7 days ago
Me: Surprised Pikachu face
In all respects, though, time sure does fly. Can’t believe this site is already 10 years old, and I joined in 2016. I can imagine that this would make the users that really were here from the beginning feel old, as well.
Background Pony #B149
So nice to be Fluttershy the first pic in Derpibooru =^.^=
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Hello from 2021, yes I’m responding to the first comment on this image from 9 years ago. But I’ll just let you know that now we have over 2.5 million images on Derpibooru now if you ever read this.