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safe1806817 artist:brendahickey961 applejack177196 fluttershy222476 pinkie pie224809 rainbow dash243737 rarity190113 twilight sparkle313004 earth pony289358 pony1145278 idw15772 spoiler:comic10903 spoiler:comicff1588 :d1330 banana2114 bananashy12 cauliflower7 cauliflowerity4 context is for the weak968 crying46163 d:480 eggplant159 eggplant sparkle17 eggplantification12 female1452215 food transformation303 frown24852 fruit1144 grapefruit24 lemon380 mane six33276 mare528685 open mouth165426 pinkie grapefruit3 princess eggplant sparkle9 shocked7617 smiling279675 species swap21438 vegetables143 wat19746 wavy mouth4071 wide eyes17793 zap apple434 zap apple dash6


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Oh look, my fetish.
…Now prepare a nice meal out of them. I love sentient fruits and veggies being prepped.
Background Pony #FF79
One character looks like apple from ,,Moshi Monsters’’. Hmm. Reference?
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Fluffy boys bring joys!
Hands down the craziest shish I’ve ever seen happen in the entirety of the show and the comics!
This is some Amazing World of Gumball level of insanity, right here!
And here I thought Uncle Grandpa showing up in Steven Universe was the strangest thing I’d see all week……