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safe1705116 artist:muffinshire185 twilight sparkle300182 oc683817 oc:bumble breeze6 oc:dewy oak4 oc:flyleaf12 oc:swirling star12 unnamed oc1818 pegasus291258 pony966363 unicorn322717 comic:twilight's first day85 adorkable3527 book33429 camera3979 camera shot1221 canon x oc24974 colt14900 comb604 comic109073 crying43539 cute199580 dork3798 female1361853 filly66572 filly twilight sparkle2741 glasses61837 glowing horn19629 heliocentric theory30 hourglass355 id42 levitation12102 library3229 library card40 magic73212 magic aura4131 male372231 mare479921 mare in the moon1728 moon23438 muffinshire is trying to murder us48 music notes3289 nerdgasm42 nervous5685 orrery28 photo79517 princess celestia's school for gifted unicorns57 pronking1077 reading6257 saddle bag5849 scenery8019 scenery porn844 slice of life1372 stallion108627 sweat26301 tears of joy2520 teary eyes4121 telekinesis27700 twiabetes11734 underhoof52036 unicorn twilight17462 unshorn fetlocks25462 younger17365


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Cut her some slack. This is the only time in her life she will be able to see it turn over unless she becomes an immortal alicorn.

…Oh, wait.
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@Keith Mowz
What, instantly? Without confirmation? Is this seriously the first time a shot went wrong or a foal fidgeted too much, so they built a camera that spits out finished library cards as soon as the trigger is pushed, and whatever was captured by the camera you're stuck with?

It's a funny joke for a moment, but as soon as you think for a second, you notice that it depends on either the technology or the adults operating it being monumentally stupid.
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The question is, what's wrong with the adults that made them decide to go ahead with printing the card, even though the photograph is obviously unsuitable?
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Darnit Twi! You just had to hold still for 2 seconds! 2 SECONDS!

Sorry. As someone who had to take pictures of excitable children who would not hold still for my job over the summer, this just brought back some frustrating memories for me.
Anyway, the comic is adorable as always.
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Besides the adorkableness (seriously stop trying to murder us Muffinshire), I really love the murals of the Nightmare Moon/Celestia confrontation.
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OK, how do we petition to have the tag "twilight's first day" also automatically add the tags "twilight sparkle", "safe", "comic", "filly twilight", "twiabetes", "adorable", "cute", and "muffinshire trying to murder you"?
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The Tastiest
No matter what I've come to expect from Muffinshire, his comics always take me by surprise in terms of cuteness, awesomeness, and artfulness. May he never stop.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I'm guessing the blue stones mark the hours, moving from one end of the rack to the other, one at a time every time the hourglass turns. I was a little surprised at the orrery; I've always thought Equestrian cosmology was geocentric, but this one appears to have the Sun as its center rather than the Earth, implying a heliocentric Universe.

Also, based on Twilight's library card, Muffinshire thinks Twilight Sparkle was 19 years old when Nightmare Moon returned. I would've figured her a couple years older than that, but it's not an unreasonable assumption.
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Definite thumbs up for pronk, it's the best onomatopoeia around!

At PCSfGU library cards are serious business. Though I guess the "Mentor:Princess Celestia" bit should clear up most issues.

I love Twilight acting as a tour guide, it fits her perfectly. And seriously, it's a library, and Celestia's to boot, ofcourse Twilight knows everything about it.