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safe1750251 artist:foudubulbe490 maud pie12736 pinkie pie220140 trixie68732 pony1010334 unicorn342223 comic:damp rocks239 angry28063 animated100813 blushing204607 comic111461 deal with it329 eyes closed98041 female1401697 floppy ears54493 glare8303 grin40908 heart50024 hug29135 kissing25373 lesbian99265 levitation12562 magic75376 mare502083 mauxie445 messy mane7925 open mouth154291 pickaxe584 pictogram1970 raised eyebrow6687 shipping205653 smiling260857 smirk13013 sunglasses15041 sweat27627 thinking2003 tired3245 wide eyes17392 wink25650


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Background Pony #E3AC
This reminds me of those short comics made out of lights, in one of those drive-in Christmas light shows. Ya' know, the ones that flip through different frames?


I am describing this terribly.

Or you can both work together… split the work in two. Split those lenses in two.

And you can both be tired… and each have one lens, so you can both also pretend to be pirates.
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Artist -

This ship keeps getting better.

It's the personification of the phrase "unstoppable force meets an immovable object"
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Panel by Panel Explanation:

Trixie: Trixie attempts Psionic storm. You've not enough energy
Maud: Mineral field deplated. Trixie should deal with it.

Trixie: :D
Trixie: <3 <3
Trixie: Watch me move the sun around. Take that Celestia!

PP: You've not enough minerals.
Trixie: Maud says no I haven't. Deal with it.
PP: Thinking

PP: You should give Maud all your Min in exchange for new sunglasses.
Maud: Man, I hate these rocks. Smash, smash!
Maud: #Nomakeup. #Nofilter. Trixie: ಠ_ಠ
Trixie: We require more minerals. You should deal with it!
Trixie: SCV reportin' for duty. +100 min
Maud: GG. <3 Maud has left the game! Trixie: NOOB. NOW WE'RE GONNA LOSE THE ROUND NOW!

I really like the style of this comic and how it tells its story through animation. It feels really fresh and innovative in a way.
Background Pony #CF86
Short story: Trixie didn't realize Maud telling her to relax meant Maud would do her work.

Is cute comic, yes.