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safe1769655 artist:otakuap380 twilight sparkle308413 alicorn236093 pony1029633 absurd resolution67614 adorkable3613 behaving like a cat2268 book34968 cute207988 dork3894 excited3095 eyes on the prize5630 featured image919 female1418370 floppy ears55481 mare510921 open mouth158146 paint tool sai1112 possessive133 pounce305 shadow4512 simple background415558 smiling266687 solo1108358 spread wings58162 sweet dreams fuel1687 that pony sure does love books1175 twiabetes12371 twilight cat255 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127144 wide eyes17538


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I want to favourite this but I don’t want to ruin that exactly 1001 favourite score…
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
“From the moment that I saw your book I couldn’t stop pouncing on it and snuggling with it. Someday I plan on reading it.” -Princess Twilight Sparkle