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safe1658565 artist:otakuap380 twilight sparkle294153 alicorn215199 pony922739 absurd resolution65166 adorkable3454 behaving like a cat2093 book32456 cute192542 dork3720 excited2876 eyes on the prize5288 featured image846 female1321535 floppy ears49894 mare458291 open mouth137305 paint tool sai1093 possessive137 pounce287 shadow3951 simple background377552 smiling235175 solo1033186 spread wings52025 sweet dreams fuel1170 that pony sure does love books1119 twiabetes11302 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121066 wide eyes16646


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I want to favourite this but I don't want to ruin that exactly 1001 favourite score…
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
"From the moment that I saw your book I couldn't stop pouncing on it and snuggling with it. Someday I plan on reading it." -Princess Twilight Sparkle