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safe1678905 artist:otakuap380 twilight sparkle296989 alicorn219162 pony941386 absurd resolution65504 adorkable3507 behaving like a cat2130 book32887 cute195667 dork3776 excited2934 eyes on the prize5342 featured image867 female1338309 floppy ears50819 mare467583 open mouth140447 paint tool sai1095 possessive128 pounce290 shadow4012 simple background384401 smiling240931 solo1045235 spread wings53134 sweet dreams fuel1539 that pony sure does love books1130 twiabetes11508 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122257 wide eyes16828


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I want to favourite this but I don't want to ruin that exactly 1001 favourite score…
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
"From the moment that I saw your book I couldn't stop pouncing on it and snuggling with it. Someday I plan on reading it." -Princess Twilight Sparkle