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There's some original animation at the end.
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When will people ever gonna allow people to find "serious" jokes unfunny?!

jfc quit forcing me to laugh at a bad joke.
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@Metal Brony 87
You mean Season 3 and 4? Which it could be Series 2 in Japan.

We don't know, It's up to Takara Tomy's new possible rival Bushiroad to confirm it.
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So? It's not funny.

It's a web game based on the episode "Power Ponies". Not a TTG incarnation of a potential MLP Spin-off that isn't set in stone by hasbro yet. (No, not EQG, I mean Power Ponies)
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Rarity is in the middle, as befits the best Power Pony.
Who was the fastest to learn her powers in a way that solved the problem at hand, didn't fuck up in the first fight and had fun doing it
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

So now the Power Ponies are going to be rebooted from a compelling, well-written action show into yet another unfunny comedy from writers who clearly never watched the original?

Well that's just freaking great.
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Only one episode and already they're rebooting this show? I hope the guys behind it at least watched the source material this time.