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some pony

Waldorf: That was wonderful!
Statler: Bravo!
Waldorf: I loved it!
Statler: Ah, it was great!
Waldorf: Well, it was pretty good.
Statler: Well, it wasn't bad…
Waldorf: Uh, there were parts of it that weren't very good though.
Statler: It could have been a lot better.
Waldorf: I didn't really like it.
Statler: It was pretty terrible.
Waldorf: It was bad.
Statler: It was awful!
Waldorf: It was terrible!
Statler: Take 'em away!
Waldorf: Bah, boo!
Statler: Boo!
Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
And so she plays to empty seats
A chorus of strings to no one meets
But for one single heart that beats
To a tempo entranced as it repeats

About two years ago was also about the first time octavia made an appearance on the show. Still yet to see a third appearance since. Hope she at least gets an appearance in Rainbow Rocks because it would only make sense.
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Artist - dombrus

Music isn't about how many listen, or who buys the albums. It's about the properly tuned notes that pierce your chest, the vibrations sent from the stage. Each draw of the bow sending a pulse that passes through fur, skin and bone to touch that place deep down inside that every few things can reach, your heart strings.
Such feelings can validate life, hollow one's being or turn the hardest heart into a marshmallow. Such tears or shocking revelation can only be felt inside each one's individuality, and cannot be shared. There is no physical way to tell another of what you feel, but hope that the same performance will touch them in the same way.
Each and every symphony is a symphony of one.
Wallet After Summer Sale -
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From the thumbnail I thought "Octavia looks a little sketchy, and she isn't doing anything sexy, so why does this have so many upvotes?" Then I clicked on it, and Dayum.