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source needed24803 safe2197329 artist:razya65 idw21250 queen chrysalis42586 g42053241 chair12022 clothes644578 dark mirror universe197 equestria-372 eyes closed141117 female1828660 glasses90308 heart78502 knitting165 mirror universe1355 open mouth242590 reversalis303 rocking chair129 solo1445070 sweater19835 vector90464


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Background Pony #5A97
This version of Chrysalis has such an adorable fairy godmother vibe to her. I can totally see her baking cookies for all the fillies and colts in town and helping out around the school. Way too cute. But the weird thing is I swear this look and vibe makes her seem…older. _;
Background Pony #1897
And, of course, this Chrissy is a diligent, loving mother who accepts Pupa for who she is and is making that sweater for her right now.

@Background Pony #DB0E  
There is a theory that Changelings were once G1 Flutter Ponies but corrupted by dark magic long ago. Like Saruman’s old speech on orcs being once elves.
This wasn’t a strong case before, but seeing Chysalis’ design if her life as changeling queen was as uncorrupt as possible, she bears a strong resemblance to the G1 Flutter Ponies, who had an unusual type of magic different from G1 pegasi or unicorns. (shrug) Its just a theory, but good Chryissy’s design sheds some interesting insight.
Background Pony #4A37
If 900 years old counts as young, anyway. I had always just assumed that Chrysalis is just as immortal as Tia or Luna, and age simply isn’t very relevant to her self-image.
Background Pony #089D
think she looks less granny and moer teacher….. also she has no hoof holes
i gotta wonder how this works here. does that mean changelings were once something else?
Background Pony #D8A5
“Keep your ears open - the timer for those fresh, hot cookies should be going off, any moment now!”