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safe2154164 artist:omny87401 applejack198753 fluttershy256054 pinkie pie253596 rainbow dash277267 rarity215821 spike91825 sweetie belle56350 twilight sparkle354657 alicorn310075 dragon84244 earth pony437808 pegasus487852 pony1582083 g42006858 blank flank9819 butt226758 butt eyes1 comic134127 female1780872 googly eyes275 laughing10956 male542989 mane seven7821 mane six37319 mare728116 plot141040 pun8866 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148031


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Interestingly Twilight is the one who taught the rest of the girls, though she herself has yet to master the ultimate technique from the one who taught her.
Well excuuuuse you! princess.
(hey when you have had to deal with politicians as long as Celly has you learn a thing or two about talking out your a$$.)
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Sometimes I just don’t know when to stop reading all the bad puns every now and then butt it’s just too much fun to read them