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suggestive193499 artist:stepandy394 discord37918 princess celestia114454 comic:mark of chaos36 g42065425 bedroom eyes84307 blushing282044 comic137613 eye contact7768 eyes closed142574 female1844563 french kiss3882 hug38497 kiss on the lips6708 kissing33319 lidded eyes50285 love6839 making out1049 male565000 open mouth245728 passionate581 romance1243 romantic2612 seductive5496 seductive look4218 sexy47546 ship:dislestia1636 shipping259228 smiling411178 spread wings99016 straight183138 stupid sexy celestia2328 stupid sexy discord236 tongue out151081


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Background Pony #1D60
I was planning “let’s get it on” music with this ( I was cringeing so badly)
Background Pony #4107
This is a real+ly go+od comic, by the way. Even if you do not continue this comic, ke+ep up the go+od work!
Background Pony #CA88
I want to say sorry for my emotional burst, because in that comic discord presents himself as honorless vilian.
Mystic Leaf

The art is lovely but something about this makes my conscience scream out with rage. Where ‘something’ means ‘I’m pretty sure this counts as some form of rape.’ Or at least something comparably squicky.
Background Pony #9956
Love it….love it love it…please…more…continue it…or some thing…love ur idea…good job
Background Pony #E069
This is based on a bad written clopfic.
It will turn into porn.
Now probably Stepandy will upload the more explicit pages in another place.I think he/she mentioned it in a journal some time ago.