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goodmorning, twipie breakfast today! yay ☀️

safe2199979 artist:koidial28 pinkie pie258679 twilight sparkle361450 alicorn319937 earth pony515713 pony1630438 g42055927 ><701 animated127736 behaving like a cat3146 blushing279639 bunting19 chest fluff67378 cute269484 duo179642 duo female34072 eyes closed141371 featured image1232 female1831810 folded wings21052 gif49592 heart78671 horn205026 lesbian119159 mare759870 nuzzling5109 ship:twinkie2400 shipping257787 sitting94474 smiling406673 tail107358 tail wag1554 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150909 wings230221


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