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February 13, 2023 at 9:09:08 PM UTC
Hearts and Hooves Day💖
#mlp #my little pony #applejack #rainbow dash #appledash #my little pony fim #hearts and hooves day #valentines #apples artt
happy hearts and hooves ❤️

safe2211793 artist:applesartt81 applejack203521 rainbow dash284371 earth pony521054 pegasus513725 pony1641955 g42066385 accessory swap2099 applejack's hat15291 canterlot7346 cowboy hat26853 crepuscular rays5402 cute271386 dashabetes12617 duo185152 duo female35907 eyes closed142680 female1845953 freckles45910 hat127934 lesbian119852 mare768342 outdoors23639 ponies riding ponies2874 rainbow dash riding applejack34 raised hoof72594 riding9446 riding a pony731 ship:appledash8013 shipping259334 signature46405 smiling411657 spread wings99233 sunset8026 tail110817 wings234050


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