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February 13, 2023 at 9:09:08 PM UTC
Hearts and Hooves Day💖
#mlp #my little pony #applejack #rainbow dash #appledash #my little pony fim #hearts and hooves day #valentines #apples artt
happy hearts and hooves ❤️

safe2196149 artist:applesartt80 applejack202298 rainbow dash282716 earth pony514104 pegasus506758 pony1626583 g42052098 accessory swap2088 applejack's hat14976 canterlot7240 cowboy hat26419 crepuscular rays5266 cute268903 dashabetes12464 duo178066 duo female33535 eyes closed141004 female1827367 freckles45081 hat126296 lesbian119019 mare757094 outdoors22780 ponies riding ponies2855 rainbow dash riding applejack35 raised hoof71359 riding9327 riding a pony642 ship:appledash7961 shipping257292 signature45572 smiling405254 spread wings97200 sunset7906 tail106407 wings229170


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