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safe2176364 artist:syrupyyy402 princess cadance40087 shining armor28106 twilight sparkle358117 alicorn314852 pony1604555 unicorn538828 g42031044 alternate hairstyle38004 babysitting272 bags under eyes3267 blank flank9964 blush lines886 blushing274552 dialogue93139 emanata2916 emo1646 emo twilight78 eyebrows24736 eyebrows visible through hair11842 eyes closed139175 female1804899 filly97480 filly twilight sparkle3443 frown36181 goth3771 height difference2546 high res407919 horn191520 looking at each other34395 looking at someone16071 makeup40482 male551482 mare742387 mascara963 nervous8609 open mouth237958 open smile31414 ponytail27198 raised hoof70060 siblings21874 simple background597375 smiling398036 stallion195974 sweat40647 sweatdrop6859 teen princess cadance1155 teenage shining armor100 trio26234 two toned mane6026 unicorn twilight33268 wall of tags6674 white background162274 wings223473 young cadance91 younger22857


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