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Butterfly 🦋

safe2175249 artist:zubastyypersik4 pear butter3861 butterfly9779 earth pony446684 monarch butterfly46 pony1603366 g42030146 :36952 blushing274308 bust77832 buttercup84 butterfly on nose384 colored pupils13240 cute265889 featured image1211 female1803765 flower39516 flower in hair12600 insect on nose572 looking at something5041 mare741667 pearabetes421 puppy dog eyes1017 signature44103 simple background596737 smiling397728 solo1426740 white background161952


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Shimmering Smile - Celebrated the 10th anniversary of Equestria Girls!
Solar Guardian - Refused to surrender in the face of the Lunar rebellion and showed utmost loyalty to the Solar Empire (April Fools 2023).
Betrayal! - Betrayed their team for a badge. Shame forever!
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Rice pone
How do I get one of my pics to be a featured image like this?
There is no submission process available.
To my knowledge, a “committee” of staff regularly get together, with each participating staff member nominating 1 image to be Featured. The staff then vote on which image will be Featured. The image must not be blocked by the default standard filter. If it attracts the attention of staff and they collectively vote on it, the image gets Featured. That’s it.
While there’s no further qualifications than that, there’s some things to be mindful of:
  • Image dimensions always seem to be reasonable (i.e. not a comic in a thin, vertical line of 20 panels or a tiny image on a wide view)
    and to my knowledge not be videos of significant length (just simple animated gifs at most).
    There might be an exception to this I haven’t seen.
  • Featured Images are chosen by popular vote by multiple individuals who are veteran fans regulating the Derpibooru site, each having seen many tens of thousands of images… so catching their eye will not be easy.
  • An image is more likely to be nominated and voted on if it is aesthetically pleasing, artistically interesting/unique, and/or very humorous/cute to catch their attention. Staff seem pretty good at picking images that will be popular by the mass of site users.
    OCs can obviously be in Featured Images, but it is rare and difficult since there’s so many competing topics available. (Case-in-point, Fluffle Puff has been in 4 Featured Images in 10 years).
  • Some staff (or at least one) have stated they prefer to vote on a mix of characters, with exceptions to Trixie and Derpy. At least one staff member said they will repeatedly nominate the same image they really want to see Featured in multiple voting sessions, but will give up after awhile if their nomination is never chosen (meaning so long as an image isn’t chosen, it can continue to be nominated).
  • Only 3 edit images ever have been Featured, and all three are 10 or 11-years-old (back when the fandom was still growing).
  • In essence, Featured Images are ideally reserved for the best fandom content, even if they are silly memes or comics as those can also be highly entertaining.
  • There is a preference (not requirement) for images to feature artists who have not yet had a Featured Image (in particular, an artist who has made contributions to the fandom or Derpi site, also as a means of honoring said person). Obviously there are artists with multiple Featured Images.
  • Special events may interfere with the nomination/voting process.
  • This is not a participation trophy. Staff aren’t obligated to nominate, vote, or consider anything based on any criteria, pleas, demands, etc.
I’m not staff so I don’t get to vote on the images, but there is a nomination discussion thread where members can post images they believe are worthy. NOTE, posting there does NOT grant nomination status. It’s just a spot where admins can browse occasionally and if they like something enough they might decide to put it up for nomination. It’s not a designated spot to show your art for nomination.
I do not recommend anyone going there tp spam their own art thinking that’ll increase their chances because it won’t.
So far in the past 5 years, 15 images I’ve suggested (including this one, and 7 in the past year) have become Featured (a few may/may not have even been nominated because of it). I only suggest a handful a month, and I’ve probably brought up a few hundred images by now. So while 15 images sounds like a lot, 2 in the past month, less than 1% of what I suggest gets Featured, and despite the variety of topics, I’m fairly picky about the quality of what I post there.

I would really like to meet someone like her in real life. She seemed like such a wonderful pony, even if she only had one major episode.