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gettin ready https://t.co/da1nxtGq8G
safe1707589 artist:kittyrosie526 rarity181961 pony968739 unicorn323922 :)106 adorable face1498 beautiful5586 big eyes1057 blushing197845 c:1206 clothes460068 cute199982 daaaaaaaaaaaw3898 digital art18806 dignified wear166 dress44574 featured image878 female1364201 gala dress4572 gem6027 hnnng2432 jewelry63806 magic73331 makeup21509 mare481225 mirror5248 necklace18817 pretty746 raribetes5404 smiling248816 solo1065022 sweet dreams fuel1598 telekinesis27762


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

A neutral person
I just noticed an error in this picture. Rarity doesn’t have an eyelash on her right eye, but in the reflection of the mirror she does.