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Lava-horn Overmare: HEHEHHEHEHE, she planted that tree right into the MIDDLE of the castle, allowing our queen to surpass ALL her so-called top personal security!!
I must give Misty a lotta street cred to pull off a stunt like that, ESPECIALLY underneath those idiot guards’ muzzles!
Lava-horn Henchmare: She must’ve played REALLY dirty in order to replace ME!! Well, if she comes back, I’m going to challenge her to the duel to the death to see if she’s REALLY worthy of obtaining her own cutie mark…then some!
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safe2171289 screencap295543 blaize skysong269 cloudpuff617 jade (g5)133 lava (g5)202 luxxe111 opaline arcana3190 queen haven1823 sparky sparkeroni3981 spike92310 alicorn313452 dragon85267 pony1599416 g575160 my little pony: make your mark10954 my little pony: make your mark chapter 61688 roots of all evil568 spoiler:g532593 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark7670 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark chapter 61665 spoiler:mymc06e02232 animated125785 barking194 chase1074 cutie mark51359 dragon lord spike238 dragon stone57 female1799275 flying54894 leaves3506 mare738784 older39899 older spike8982 pedestal226 sound16945 stolen cutie marks111 the implications are horrible363 tree49172 webm25739


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Solar Hero - Went above and beyond for the Solar Deity, drawing from the power of the sun itself to bring balance to the fight against the Lunar Insurrection (April Fools 2023).

Draconequues Lover zcord
My little mmiissstttaa
It’s interesting opaline believes in having “friends” instead of being like eww gawk like a lot of mlp villains
Background Pony #B6D2
man, haven with her guard supposed stay in REOC(Royal Emergency Operation Center). why, she in outside?