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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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safe2154367 artist:dandy527 princess luna116276 alicorn310132 pony1582347 g42007160 belt9228 bow43958 christmas20960 clothes625583 commission114829 copic162 costume38788 cute263232 ear fluff49251 ear piercing42694 earring31959 ethereal mane13155 ethereal tail2017 eyeshadow29248 female1781101 flying54224 hat122682 holiday34810 horn178912 jewelry110743 looking at you254522 lunabetes4329 makeup39339 mare728234 night37319 open mouth233072 open smile29411 piercing62653 santa costume2188 santa hat8380 skirt54609 smiling389874 smiling at you23728 socks93932 solo1409781 sparkly mane1137 sparkly tail598 spread wings91921 starry mane6994 starry tail912 stockings47687 tail95826 thigh highs58185 traditional art141688 wings216931


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