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June 24, 2023 at 12:44:30 AM UTC
G1 to G4 scene redraw ✨
Scene redraw - G1 to G4 🩷🧡🩵

safe2118729 artist:applesartt63 applejack196196 rainbow dash272905 earth pony423560 pegasus471725 pony1479817 g120335 g41930927 my little pony 'n friends3602 rescue at midnight castle464 apple20590 apple tree4124 applejack's hat13623 belly41124 bucket3138 cowboy hat24540 cute257295 dashabetes11881 duo156650 duo female27592 eyebrows21660 eyes closed133746 female1740308 floppy ears70404 flower37534 food97313 freckles41596 grass14579 grin60057 hat119619 jackabetes7770 lesbian114766 mare703664 outdoors19780 partially open wings1707 rainbow dash is not amused971 ship:appledash7556 shipping245975 signature41500 sitting88399 smiling377156 tree46080 unamused23198 underhoof66636 wings208422


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