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June 24, 2023 at 12:44:30 AM UTC
G1 to G4 scene redraw ✨
Scene redraw - G1 to G4 🩷🧡🩵

safe2151477 artist:applesartt68 applejack198591 rainbow dash276956 earth pony436609 pegasus486725 pony1579345 g121105 g42004487 my little pony 'n friends3617 rescue at midnight castle469 apple20952 apple tree4230 applejack's hat14008 belly42341 bucket3191 cowboy hat25128 cute262695 dashabetes12076 duo163865 duo female29348 eyebrows23184 eyes closed136779 female1777870 floppy ears71773 flower38592 food99776 freckles42833 grass14973 grin61848 hat122453 jackabetes7868 lesbian116338 mare726603 outdoors20653 partially open wings1920 rainbow dash is not amused1002 ship:appledash7684 shipping250798 signature42476 sitting90529 smiling388730 tree48179 unamused23700 underhoof67853 wings216166


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