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Happy birthday to horses🎊

safe2151381 artist:lrusu1020 applejack198586 fluttershy255762 pinkie pie253319 rainbow dash276946 rarity215607 twilight sparkle354297 alicorn309478 earth pony436575 pegasus486687 pony1579257 unicorn527410 g42004439 the last problem7979 applejack's hat14008 candy9782 candy in hair37 cape14275 closed mouth1302 clothes624183 cowboy hat25128 crown29340 ears back4002 ethereal mane13124 ethereal tail2011 eyes closed136772 eyeshadow29126 female1777775 flying54068 folded wings18762 food99773 granny smith's shawl295 group7633 group shot615 hat122421 high res405769 hoof on head720 hoof shoes9337 jacket19518 jewelry110400 lidded eyes46632 looking at each other33436 looking at someone14861 looking down14293 looking up23551 makeup39193 mane six37284 mare726548 midair256 older38614 older applejack1060 older fluttershy1059 older mane six481 older pinkie pie985 older rainbow dash1301 older rarity1002 older twilight3302 open mouth232366 peytral7144 plushie30653 ponytail26439 princess shoes1006 princess twilight 2.03741 profile7715 raised hoof68285 regalia35634 sextet379 shawl449 short hair3207 sitting90520 spread wings91578 standing23944 starry mane6976 starry tail900 stetson5815 teddy bear1785 tiara6759 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147844 wings216142


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