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Pipp Petals complete letsplayograpy! (Well, almost.)
One had to be left out so they fit evenly. Pipp Plays Doom Eternal was the only one with a semi-grimdark tag, and to avoid having the entire compilation marked with that tag, that one was it.
I had a blast making these on the side and they were relatively quick to make, so if I continue a “season 2” for this October, what are some games do you want to see Pipp and friends play?

safe2155554 artist:pika-robo463 arizona (tfh)1759 hitch trailblazer13598 izzy moonbow21134 misty brightdawn8305 pipp petals20499 sprout cloverleaf2440 sunny starscout20959 zipp storm16517 bear2185 cow4566 earth pony438353 hisuian zorua4 llama180 pegasus488455 phoenix2052 pony1583488 robot11474 unicorn529394 zorua34 series:pipp plays63 them's fightin' herds7730 g42008473 g573385 2fort108 3d121001 :36751 :o6613 adorapipp3145 among us778 angry36291 animal crossing864 animal crossing: new horizons53 anniversary739 astronaut1127 balan2 balan wonderworld2 bandana waddle dee13 bell6657 bipedal48731 boop9261 bullet belt71 cap6639 cape14307 car8249 cellphone7883 claws7162 clothes626106 community related8155 concerned1376 confused6615 controller3161 cosplay32807 costume38808 covered in ink5 cowboy hat25226 cowgirl858 crazy face1257 creeper (minecraft)45 crewmate105 crossover72676 cult of the lamb66 cute263297 cuteness overload318 dancing11053 delet this232 derp8309 diamond1152 dilated pupils893 doll6613 don't starve100 don't starve together11 dovahkiin160 e.m.m.i.3 ears back4035 elden ring74 elder scrolls101 error1580 evil grin6347 eyebrows23471 eyes closed137183 faic14836 fake thumbnail71 fallout4660 fallout 7667 female1782434 firing100 five nights at freddy's2216 five nights at freddy's: security breach82 floating5712 floppy ears71975 flying54289 folded wings18980 forced perspective63 fortnite227 fortnite dance31 freddy fazbear341 frown35626 g5 to g42439 game screencap2289 gamer hitch trailblazer7 gamer izzy moonbow7 gamer pipp78 gamer sunny starscout7 gamer zipp storm8 gaming headphones57 gaming headset431 generation leap10406 glamrock freddy18 glitch1285 goggles18235 grand theft auto790 grin62074 group7685 gta v254 gun20505 halloween13129 handgun4046 happy43922 happy birthday mlp:fim1556 hat122768 headphones10407 headset2413 heart74741 heartbreak889 heavy weapons guy526 helmet15643 holding5311 holding head2912 holiday34843 hoof hold12685 horned helmet403 hug37203 huggy wuggy24 imminent death3155 imminent explosion104 impostor151 ink1524 jumpsuit5503 kirby591 kirby (series)940 kirby and the forgotten land6 kirby fits on everything4 knife7076 lady dimitrescu116 league of legends852 let's play102 levitation16087 looking at each other33575 looking at someone15039 looking at something4916 looking at you254866 looking up23641 magic95610 male543532 mane five4113 mane six (g5)922 mare729013 mario party104 mario's hat232 master sword183 medic1531 medigun100 mercy344 messy2724 messy mane10583 metroid524 metroid dread8 minecraft3187 minigun596 moments before disaster207 mountain7469 mountain range1004 nervous8475 nervous smile2148 nervous sweat559 nintendo3885 no man's sky15 no pupils5706 noseboop3638 oculus rift61 open mouth233392 open smile29545 outstretched arms165 overwatch1746 overwatch 24 paradox229 phone12261 pinpoint eyes1518 pipbuck4328 pipp petals is best facemaker235 pipp petals is not amused337 pokémon11017 pokémon legends arceus2 poppy playtime42 portal2552 portal (valve)1338 portal gun229 portals122 present8857 princess peach's castle27 pun8878 raised eyebrow9820 raised hoof68554 red crown27 red dead redemption 275 red eyes11362 red eyes take warning260 resident evil519 resident evil 887 resident evil village20 revolver2052 running8012 running away428 sad31147 scared14139 scp221 scp containment breach48 scp foundation309 scp labrat2 scp-17366 screaming4836 screencap background123 selfie4881 sheikah slate10 shield2714 shocked10028 siblings21241 sisters17603 skyrim1257 smiling390392 smiling at you23874 source filmmaker67351 spacesuit1663 splatoon505 splatoon 393 spread wings92124 stallion191918 starman31 style emulation4879 sunglasses20808 super mario 64303 super mario bros.5015 supply llama2 sweat39892 sweatdrop6698 sweating profusely584 sword14679 take that162 team fortress 27021 telekinesis38610 that pony sure does love phones141 the elder scrolls1547 the legend of zelda4044 the legend of zelda: breath of the wild234 this will end in death3621 this will end in explosions503 this will end in tears4297 this will end in tears and/or death2783 this will not end well2436 thousand yard stare861 tongue out145058 top hat5591 torch891 toy25248 tracer289 uh oh458 unamused23765 undertale2048 varying degrees of amusement246 vault suit4339 video game5995 vr headset159 wall of tags6426 wasteland1546 wavy mouth5457 weapon40757 wide eyes19765 wings217421 youtube thumbnail506


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Background Pony #CADE
Since you’re apparently open to suggestions, here’s mine. I’d like to see Pipp play a Lego video game. It could be any of them, such as Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, Lego Dimensions, Lego Worlds, Lego 2K Drive, or even Lego Brawls. I honestly don’t have any particular preference, just so long as it’s a Lego game.