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safe2171450 alternate version86327 artist:pesty_skillengton881 fluttershy258230 pegasus495234 pony1599551 g42026047 butt230748 colored ear fluff239 cute265374 daaaaaaaaaaaw6999 dock71115 ear fluff50451 ears back4185 eyes closed138705 female1799422 floppy ears72828 flutterbutt8237 frog (hoof)20039 high res407624 hoofbutt1768 hug37539 lying down46460 mare738871 on side9528 onomatopoeia8243 partially open wings2190 pillow25464 pillow hug645 plot143791 shyabetes19200 simple background594547 sleeping29345 smiling396399 solo1423702 sound effects3967 tail100002 text89367 underhoof68803 white background161003 wings222133 zzz3324


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