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September 25, 2023 at 3:28:09 PM UTC
#mane6 #mlpfanart #mlpfim

safe2171684 artist:zeon_starlight101 applejack200198 fluttershy258273 pinkie pie255472 rainbow dash279533 rarity217304 twilight sparkle357282 earth pony445124 pegasus495343 pony1599801 unicorn536750 g42026470 applejack's hat14376 blushing273485 book43485 bust77664 colored eyebrows1469 cowboy hat25638 emanata2843 eye clipping through hair14552 eyebrows24426 eyebrows visible through hair11597 eyes closed138727 female1799716 freckles43738 group7937 hat123985 horn189078 looking at you258686 mane six37553 mare739129 open mouth236944 open smile31001 portrait41587 reading8092 sextet419 smiling396505 smiling at you25108 spread wings94168 sweat40461 unicorn twilight33066 wings222204


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